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Naturpark Thüringer Wald

Traditions in vogue

In the land of mountain meadows and forests

Glass art

Thuringian forest glass has been around since the Middle Ages. The glassmakers made quartz flow with potash. Iron oxides in the quartz sand colour it greenish. Bubbles and streaks are also characteristics of handmade glass. Today, this tradition lives on in the Christmas tree decorations of the Lauscha glass artist.

Glasmacherkunst (© Regionalverbund Thüringer Wald/D. Ketz) vergrößerte Ansicht
Glasmacherkunst (© Regionalverbund Thüringer Wald/D. Ketz)
Bärwurz Schmetterling (© T. Heinz / Naturpark Thüringer Wald e. V.) vergrößerte Ansicht
Bärwurz Schmetterling (© T. Heinz / Naturpark Thüringer Wald e. V.)

The healing power of nature

Once upon a time, hunchback apothecaries collected medicinal plants from the mountain meadows and processed them into ointments, tinctures and teas. The remedies were carried on a wooden rack, the Reff, on their backs for a long distance on foot. Today, the warm hay bed is a wellness tip. Among other things, this makes the preservation of the mountain meadows profitable again - in the spirit of nature!

Flowering mountain meadows

Mountain forests are interspersed with grazed meadow valleys. Between flower-rich mountain meadows with bear's-foot, devil's claw and troll's-foot there are still grasslands where the arnica, a protected species throughout Europe, thrives. In summer, the scent of mountain meadow hay fills the air.

Blühende Bergwiese vergrößerte Ansicht
Bergwiese (© E. Tietz / Naturpark Thüringer Wald e. V.)

Forest kingdom

It is one of the largest contiguous forest areas in Germany. Mysterious spruce forests tie in with natural spruce mountain forests at high altitudes. From old beech-fir forests you can hear the tawny owl calling and the black woodpecker drumming.

Elegant wanderer

In the past, the red deer wandered far and wide. Today it lives in hiding. Only in autumn do its rutting calls resound through the forests. Then it is breeding season. Hiking with the red deer - off to the Thuringian Forest Cube!

Der Rennsteiggarten in der Abendsonne. vergrößerte Ansicht
Rennsteiggarten (© P. Hentschel)

On the way ...

... over the Rennsteig

The Rennsteig is cult and a must for hiking fans. As a legendary high trail, it runs along the ridge of the Thuringian Forest. Over about 170 kilometres, it connects mountain meadows and forests, mining traces and mountain villages, historical boundary stones and grandiose distant views. The harsh mountain climate guarantees white winter days.

... to the Green Belt

It is full of life and reminds us of the time when the Iron Curtain divided Europe into East and West. Today it is a National Natural Monument where rare species inspire and German history comes alive.

Wandern am Rennsteig (© Naturpark Thüringer Wald e. V.) vergrößerte Ansicht
Wandern am Rennsteig (© Naturpark Thüringer Wald e. V.)

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