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BR Rhön

Land of wide open spaces - Where tradition is cultivated

Woodcarving art

Woodcarving has a long tradition in the Rhön UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Centuries ago, it was already possible to improve a meagre income during the cold winter months. Originating with pipe bowls and furniture, true works of art such as figures of saints, masks and reliefs were later created. These made the woodcarvers famous far beyond the borders of the Rhön.

Holzbildhauer bei der Arbeit vergrößerte Ansicht
Holzschnitzen ist Tradition in der Rhön (Foto: N. Hinkel)

Shaping the landscape

The awe-inspiring cultural landscape of the Rhön has been shaped by man over the centuries. Grazing with goats and sheep, which are part of regional value chains, still plays an important role today. Meat and wool products are marketed directly under the label of the Rhön umbrella brand. Particularly popular are the Rhön sheep, a popular figure and mascot of the Rhön UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Legacy of the volcanoes

The chimneys of long extinct volcanoes still dominate the landscape of the hilltops. Columns of basalt tower up to form fascinating rock formations. The volcanic rock is surrounded by deposits of the primeval oceans that have left behind shell limestone and red sandstone.

Öchsenberg in der Rhön vergrößerte Ansicht
Öchsenberg: basalt columns and block pile

Creating diversity

Silver thistle, lady's slipper and cowslip are the trademarks of the calcareous grasslands. They represent a colourful diversity of butterflies, bees and bumblebees. Juniper figures conjure up fairy-tale images – like a painted landscape.

Red Kite - King of the Skies

This characteristic bird of the Rhön sails weightlessly in the sky. The striking bird of prey dominates the Rhön skies and is a familiar sight in the summer months. This is how the red kite loves it - off to the Rhön Cube!

Bienen-Ragwurz (Ophrys apifera) vergrößerte Ansicht
Bienen-Ragwurz (Ophrys apifera) - (Foto: Schmutzler-Schaub / Stock.Adobe.com)
Blick auf Geisa vergrößerte Ansicht
The HOCHRHÖNER® with extra tours

On the way ...

... to wide open places

The HOCHRHÖNER®, starting in Bad Salzungen, promises premium hiking! Along the way, you can enjoy regional specialities in farm shops, and numerous huts invite you to stop for a bite to eat.

... on the Green Belt

Its blossoms are colourful and it is full of life. Nevertheless, the Green Belt reminds us of the time when the Iron Curtain divided Europe into East and West - and the Rhön is no exception.

Noahs Segel - ein Aussichtsturm in der Rhön vergrößerte Ansicht
Noahs Segel (‟Noah's Sail”) on the Ellenbogen
Nachtaufnahme der Milchstraße vergrößerte Ansicht
Hohe Geba (‟High Geba”) with sky show and astronomical observation platform

... under a starry sky

The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is one of the first international star parks in Germany. Experience unique natural night landscapes with a spectacular starry sky!

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