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Nationalpark Hainich

UNESCO World Heritage

Traces along the path...

From military training area to national park – humans have left a mark even on the Hainich. Open areas are witnesses to a time when the Red Army rehearsed for emergencies. Today, the succession areas are reverting to forest. Pioneer species such as hazel, ash and maple are paving the way. Later, the beech will take over more and more.

Blick auf die Wartburg (Foto: T. Sieland) vergrößerte Ansicht
Blick auf die Wartburg (Foto: T. Sieland)

... to the primeval forest

They once grew everywhere in Central Europe. Beech forests are the cradle of our culture. In the Wartburg Hainich World Heritage Region, cultural and natural heritage are symbolically linked. While Luther threw an inkwell at the devil in one place, a new primeval forest was stretching its branches in another.

Colourful game ...

... in the beech forest

The beech dominates the growth and decay – it is the pulse of the forest. True giants are allowed to age unmolested, have caves, crevices and broken crowns. Primeval forest beetles live here and testify that there has been forest here for a long time. New diverse life emerges.

... in the springtime light

Colourful spring in the beech forest - the light penetrates unhindered through the bare canopy. The warmth conjures up purple-white larkspur carpets on the bare forest floor. In May, when the wild garlic has opened its blossoms and stimulates the appetite with its spicy scent, everything is suddenly bathed in white and green.

Phantom of the Woods

The wildcat sleeps during the day and hunts at night. Its fur makes it invisible in the forest. It leaves virtually no traces.

Are you as fast as the wildcat? - carry on to the Hainich Cube!

On the go ...

... in the treetops

On the way to the primeval forest - where the wilderness begins anew, we are treated to colourful and breath-taking views. If you want to experience them, the Treetop Trail is the right place to go, winding through unknown treetops of giant trees. Here, forest animals live in secret. "Discover the secrets of the Hainich!" is the motto at the National Park Centre.

More information: www.nationalpark-hainich.de/en 

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