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NP Eichsfeld-Hainich-Werratal

Three names, three landscapes in the middle of Germany

Sustainable by tradition

Cultural landscape

The cultural landscape is varied, with fields and forested heights, interspersed with half-timbered villages and imposing castles that bear witness to an eventful past. The people's faith is alive. Saint Martin is the patron saint of the Obereichsfelders.

Wandern im Naturpark (Foto: T. Sieland) vergrößerte Ansicht
Wandern im Naturpark (Foto: T. Sieland)
Blick in die Kronen alter Buchen (Foto: U. Christ) vergrößerte Ansicht
Blick in die Kronen alter Buchen (Foto: U. Christ)

Sustainable beech forests

The beech selection forests are of outstanding importance - pure beech stands have been managed in this way on several thousand hectares for over 100 years. Structurally rich forests have emerged, which are closing in with the emerging wilderness in the National Park to form the largest contiguous deciduous forest area in Germany.

Full of diversity

Water, wind and man have formed unique landscapes from fossilised layers of past seas. Lime beech forests with woodpeckers, bats and wildcats as well as dry grasslands with lady's slipper, silver thistle and glider butterfly are an expression of exquisite diversity.

Normannsteine hoch über der Werra (Foto: C. Wilhelm) vergrößerte Ansicht
Normannsteine hoch über der Werra (Foto: C. Wilhelm)

Nature as the master builder

The Werra has cut deep into layers of shell limestone and sandstone. It has exposed cliffs from which the peregrine falcon launches its spectacular flights. Here and there the river is getting back its natural bed. The returning beaver is helping to reunite the river and the floodplain. The midwife toad can also be found in pools, pits and quarries.

Short nursery

The male midwife toad carries the eggs after mating. When they are matured, it seeks a pool. Lively tadpoles hatch into the water.

Hop along - to the Eichsfeld-Hainich-Werratal Cube!

Graslilie (Foto: C. Wilhelm) vergrößerte Ansicht
Historische Werrabrücke in Creuzburg (Foto: Tino Sieland) vergrößerte Ansicht
Creuzburg with exhibition in the Gottesackerkirche on the Leine-Werra Nature Park and Nature Park Trail
Burg Normannstein (Foto: Tino Sieland) vergrößerte Ansicht
Burg Normannstein (Foto: Tino Sieland)
Westerwald im Naturpark Eichsfeld Hainich Werra (Foto: Tino Sieland) vergrößerte Ansicht
Westerwald im Naturpark Eichsfeld Hainich Werra (Foto: Tino Sieland)

Getting active ...

... in the middle of Germany

It is an enchanting landscape that reflects traditions. It combines castles and palaces, a river and old forests. It invites you to go hiking, cycling and canoeing - and tempts you to relax and enjoy.

... on the Green Belt

It is colourful and full of life. Yet the Green Belt reminds us of the time when the Iron Curtain divided Europe into East and West. It reminds us to be vigilant.

More information: www.naturpark-ehw.de

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